The Infrastructure Pipeline Report presents Building Queensland’s independent, expert view of priority infrastructure proposals under development by the Queensland Government.

The report is presented in two parts. Part 1 – Infrastructure Pipeline identifies Queensland Government infrastructure proposals that are unfunded for delivery with a minimum capital cost of $50 million. These are the proposals Building Queensland recommends are further analysed, or are ready for consideration by government.

Part 2 – Funded Proposals provides information on the detailed business cases Building Queensland is leading that have funding commitments for delivery from the Queensland Government.

View the December 2018 Infrastructure Pipeline Report.

Identify the Need

Strategic Business Case

Assess the Options

Preliminary Business Case

Undertake Detailed Analysis

Detailed Business Case

For a proposal to be initially considered in the Pipeline it must:

  • have a minimum capital value of $50 million
  • be aligned to the sectors and asset classes in the State Infrastructure Plan—arts and recreation, digital, education and training, energy, health, justice and public safety, social housing, transport and water
  • be unfunded for procurement or delivery.